Barrington Advisors Group… Collective Strength… Comprehensive Solutions!

Barrington Advisors Group is a group of small businesses in Barrington, IL that want to provide you, your family, and/or your company with a single destination to solve multiple problems. Our team provides guidance in the areas of: 

• Accounting/Taxes
• Mortgage
• IT Support
• Insurance
• Legal Matters
• Wealth Management


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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to continuously improve the way we deliver comprehensive solutions for your legal, taxes, accounting, financial planning, IT and Insurance needs in order to better enable our clients to maintain focus on what is important to them.



Time and attention are commodities in short supply these days.  The world is complicated, and there is a lot to worry about.   
The Barrington Advisors Group is a team of trusted and experienced professionals that wants to help.  We are experts in our fields, and can give our full attention to your accounting, tax, legal, IT, insurance, and financial issues…so that you can focus on what is important.
Barrington Advisors Group – Collective Strength...Comprehensive Solutions!


Our Approach

Barrington Advisors Group combines our services and experience to offer a single, trusted partner to help your small to mid-sized business succeed. Our principals have experience in law, tax, accounting, financial planning, IT, and insurance, and can help tailor a holistic plan to save you time and save your business money.

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10 Executive Court, Suite 2, Barrington, IL 60010-9551
 (847) 852-1400
Mon–Fri 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Stan Nieminski 
Wealth Management
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David Robbins
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John Sikaras
Information Technology
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Dave Nazha 
Information Technology
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Steven Marderosian
Legal Services
Kendra Marderosian 
Legal Services
Mike Chance 
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Tim Burke 
Insurance Advisor
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